Service List

※Outside food is permitted.
※As of 1 April 2009, pets are not allowed to enter the Studio Park, except assistance dogs such as guide dogs, hearing dogs and service dogs.
※As of January 1, 2013, please note that it is now forbidden for individuals and groups to cosplay in the Studio Park. (except for cosponsored cosplay events)

First-aid room

Universal room

7 wheelchairs (free rental)


Coin locker

Sanitary products for sale

Equipment for children and babies
※The baby room is located next to the Information counter
※The baby strollers are available for children aged from 2 months to 3 years old

Rules & Manners

TOEI Kyoto Studio Park is unique in that it is not only a theme park, but also a place where films and television series are actually produced. Therefore, please observe the following rules in the Studio Park.
Regarding TV series shooting
  • When an official shoot is taking place, please follow the guidance of the staff and please do not make any sound or noise.
  • In the Studio Park, please do not ask for signatures from the stars or performers who are shooting, or take photos or video recordings of them.
  • Regarding the shooting of TV series, it may take place earlier or later than scheduled or it may be canceled, depending on the weather conditions and the progress of shooting. Please note that it is real-time shooting.
  • The open set is often used as a location site for shooting TV series or movies. Therefore, even when there is no shooting, walls, bridges and some buildings for shooting may be temporarily set up and decorated. Please enjoy the atmosphere of the shooting process and at the same time watch how the work is completed. Please also note that vehicles may enter.
  • Whilst enjoying the shooting, please note that entry to areas towards which the camera is shooting is restricted. In addition, we will put up fences around areas where equipment and film crew may be moving around. Please follow the instructions of the staff and do not enter the restricted areas. Also, if shooting is taking place covering a wide area, you may be diverted to go around it. Thank you for your understanding.
About rules and manners
  • Events and exhibitions may be canceled without notice.
  • Depending on the event, you may be restricted from bringing food and beverages into the venue.
  • Please do not use mobile phones in places where other customers may be disturbed during an event or show.
  • No smoking in the Studio Park except where ashtrays are provided.
  • For safety, please watch your children at all times.
  • Please do not bring pets into the Studio Park, except guide dogs, hearing dogs and service dogs.
  • When leaving the baby stroller, please be sure to remember and bring all valuables and personal belongings (including souvenirs) with you.
  • There are rules about entering in cosplay costumes. Please check the rules in advance.
  • The following acts are strictly prohibited.
    -Bringing in dangerous items
    -Selling and displaying goods
    -Distributing leaflets, and other materials.
    -Holding meetings and making speeches
    -Shooting for commercial purposes
    -Entering the Studio Park wearing inappropriate clothing
    -Any acts that interferes with the operation of the Studio Park
  • Visitors may become the subjects of photography, when photographing of the various facilities or events, etc. takes place in the Studio Park. This may be used for news reporting, advertising, promotion, product sales, etc.
  • If you have a tattoo on your body, please wear a coat or some sort of outer garment to make sure that the tattoo is not exposed.
  • If you cause trouble to other visitors, or if you cannot cooperate with requests from the Studio Park, you may be refused entry to the Studio Park, or you may be asked to leave the park.
  • TOEI Kyoto Studio Co., Ltd. and other related companies will not be responsible for accidents caused by the visitor's own carelessness.
  • If an accident occurs in the Studio Park, please contact a nearby member of staff.
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