To Play at
TOEI Studio Park

At TOEI Kyoto Studio Park,
let’s enjoy the fun and interesting performances and Ninja shows.

Samurai Course ~Sword Beginner's Class~

Ninja Training Dojo SWORD N’ GO

Ninja Climbing -SHINOBORI-

“Physical Training”

Play with your body!

Ninja Climbing SHINOBORI and Sword n’Go!! Let’s play with the full use of your body!

“Escape Game”

Play the exciting escape game!

Can you escape from the 3D Maze, The Ninja Fort and Laser Mission “Escape the Castle”!?

Ninja Mystery House

3D Maze The Ninja Fort

Laser Mission “Escape the Castle”

Haunted House

Trick Art Museum

Amazing Maze

“Mysterious Experience”

Try out our mysterious experiences!

Wouldn't you like to play in the Trick Art Museum or the Haunted House? Many strange things await you!

“Ninja weapons”

Play around and become a real ninja!

Ninja Shuriken Dojo and Beat the “Oni” Japanese Demons are just some playing corners where you can train to become a real ninja!

Ninja Shuriken Dojo

“Yaba” Japanese Archery Experience

Beat the “Oni” Japanese Demons

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