To Experience at
TOEI Studio Park

At TOEI Kyoto Studio Park,
let’s enjoy becoming a person from the Edo period.

Transformation Experience

“Costume Experience”

In the Studio Park, experience various costumes, such as samurai, ninja and kimono!

When it comes to the Studio Park, we're talking about historical drama shooting! You can experience real costumes with the help of the actual staff members who work for TOEI’s movies and TV shows.

“Another World Experience”

Let's experience mysterious worlds in the Studio Park.

How to enjoy mysterious experiences at the Haunted House, or at the Trick Art Museum depends just on yourself!

Trick Art Museum

Digital Deep Sea Aquarium

Haunted House

Samurai Course ~Sword Beginner's Class~

Outdoor Ninja Training Class

Samurai Sword Fighting Lesson

“Sword Fighting Experience”

Through this experience you will become a samurai yourself! The real samurai experience!

Period drama actors will directly teach you the samurai’s way of living and behaving! You will have the chance to experience the real action of samurais and ninjas.

“Kamen Rider Hands-On Exhibition”

An amazing experience for Kamen Rider lovers!

The original items displayed in our Studio Park are the ones actually used in the Kamen Rider movies! Please attend as well our fun games for children!


Ryusoul Red and Kamen Rider Zi-O Handhsake Session

“Star Twinkle PreCure” Winter Party

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