About the Service

After you enter the individual admission entrance on the 1st floor of Padios, the Information Counter will be immediately on your right side.

Ask a nearby TOEI Kyoto Studio Park staff for help, or please go to Information on the 1st floor of Padios.

If you are in the Studio Park, please go to Information on the 1st floor of Padios.
In case of inquiries from outside the Studio Park, please contact 075-864-7716 (Sales Department).

Ask a nearby TOEI Kyoto Studio Park staff for help or please go to Information on the 1st floor of Padios.

It is located near the Information counter on the 1st floor of Padios.

An AED is available at Information on the 1st floor of Padios.

It is free for children between 2 months and 3 years of age.
There are 12 strollers, but we lend them on a first-come, first-served basis.
We apologise if there are none available at the time of your request.

There is a nursing room with warm water available for baby formula near the Information counter.
Baby diapers are available at Information, but there is a charge.

There are restrooms for wheelchair users, universal rooms, etc., in almost all areas in the Studio Park.
However, there are some facilities that cannot be used by those with physical disabilities. Thank you for your understanding.

There are 7 wheelchairs available free of charge, but we lend them on a first-come, first-served basis. Please understand that all wheelchairs may be rented out to other customers at the time of your request.

Pets are not allowed to enter the Studio Park, except assistance dogs, such as guide dogs, service dogs, hearing dogs, etc.

Roller shoes are not permitted inside the facilities for safety reasons. If you wish to enter the Studio Park wearing roller shoes, please cooperate by removing the roller part (store away). In addition, please note in advance that TOEI Kyoto Studio Park does not take any responsibility for accidents that occur from the use of roller shoes.

Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Amex, Diners, UnionPay, DISCOVER are accepted as a method of payment at the Studio Park. Some credit cards may not be accepted in some shops, so please make sure to check in advance.

PITAPA and iD WAON are accepted at the Studio Park.
Electronic money may not be accepted in some shops, so please make sure to check in advance.

Coin lockers are available for free by the entrance located on the 1st floor of Padios.
In addition, large luggage items that cannot be stored inside the lockers can be kept at Information for a fee.

No. We do not offer charging places.

You can wear your own cosplay costume only at a cosplay event that is hosted by a group.

There are several smoking areas with ashtrays in the Studio Park. There is a no-smoking policy within the rest of Studio Park.

Please feel free to ask the Studio Park dressed-up guides.
Please feel free let us know if you would like us to take a group picture for you.
However, there are visitors in the Studio Park, who are dressed in historical costumes and are not the dressed-up guides, so please be careful when asking.

Both cosplayers and dressed-up people are general customers. In the same manner as you would usually, when taking a picture of other people, please ask for their permission first.

Can I link the website of TOEI Kyoto Studio Park?

  • The link to this site is not for commercial use, and it is free in principle if you can obey the following precautions.
  • The use of the link is free in principle, regardless of the company, group or individual, but limited to pages on the Internet.
  • We do not accept any form of link that displays pages in this site in combination with other content, or any form of link that is displayed as part of the link's home page.
  • Use of the link which involves changing the design of all or a part of the site is not accepted.
  • If you set a link below the top page in this site, please note that we may change the URL without notice.
  • If the link causes a misunderstanding with our business, or damages our social credibility or causes us financial loss, we will refuse the link.
  • We do not accept links from sites that defame or disadvantage others, or sites that are offensive to public order and morals.
  • If we demand you to stop the link regardless of the reason, we will stop the link.
  • Please use the following if you need a banner of "TOEI Kyoto Studio Park".

About the Admission Ticket / Traffic / Parking Lot

Please check the Tickets page.
There are discounts for groups of 25 or more, school groups, or people with disabilities.
Please check the Tickets page for details.

About Shows & Attractions

  • At TOEI Kyoto Studio Park, in order to distinguish between the different parts of our program, anything performed by our actors and enjoyed by our customers is called a "show", and those which customers enjoy individually are called an "attraction". As for the "shooting" of movies and TV series, it is classified as "shooting" because it is operated by a separate company. Please note the following 3 points in advance regarding the shows.
  • The content, time, place, cast, etc. may change depending on circumstances, or the show itself may be canceled.
  • We may have to restrict admission for shows that are expected to be crowded.
  • You are free to take pictures or videos during most shows, but we may not allow it depending on the content. Please follow the notice of the venue and the guidance of the staff.
Please check the Shows page.
However, there may be changes or cancellations due to shooting or weather conditions.
Most can be viewed for free.
However, there are some cases in which actors’ talk shows, etc. will require an additional fee.
The following attractions require an additional fee: Ninja Mystery House, Amazing Maze, Trick Art Museum, Costume Rental Shop, Costume Photo Shop, Haunted House, Super 3D 360 Theater, 3D Maze The Ninja Fort and Ninja Training Dojo SWORD N’ GO!!.
Please check the Attractions page for details.
No. However, if the number of seating is limited due to talk shows or autograph sessions by some actors, we will distribute numbered tickets.
Depending on the weather, shooting conditions, and the convenience of the performers, etc., shows may be cancelled.
Each attraction has restrictions based on the customers’ height and age, etc.
Please check the Attractions page for details.
Facilities for small children, such as Kids Land Shinobu Jungle, Hero Land etc., are located on the 2nd floor of Padios. There is also a 3D attraction and, depending on the day, fun character events, such as character shows and handshake event.
Please check the Animation / Special Effects page for character events.
We introduce profiles of the performers on the day of the show at each venue.
(1) Please ask a nearby staff for information about our affiliated actors appearing in shows and events in the Studio Park. In addition, letters sent by mail, etc. can also be given to our affiliated actors.
(2) However, you cannot receive anything from or pass anything to famous stars and performers who are visiting the Park to shoot dramas and so on. The same applies to mail and other items. The filming staff and actors are managed by the production company, therefore they are separate from the performers of the shows/events.

TOEI Kyoto Studio Park is both a theme park and an actual shooting studio. Thank you for your understanding.
We offer a wide variety of choices, from the simple “Costume Photo Shop” to the beautiful “Full Costume Experience” with makeup, hairstyles done by our professional staff.
Please check the Transformation Experience page for details.
There are limitations on the types and number of costumes, so it may be difficult to rent them to many people at one given time. Please inquire in advance and make a reservation.
In addition, there are no wigs or costumes for children under 110 cm, so unfortunately they will not be able to wear any costumes.
Contact us at “Costume Rental Shop ” TEL: 075-864-7750

About the shooting of TV series in the Studio Park

In the open set of the Studio Park, visitors may be able to watch TV and film shoots. As the schedule is always being changed due to weather etc., the schedule only comes out in the evening of the previous day. We will notify you on our website for shooting schedule for shoots in which our visitors are permitted to watch.
In addition, it may be canceled on the day of due to the weather, or the state of the shooting progress.
Taking photos of actors appearing for the shoot etc. will not be permitted. We prohibit acts that may lead to the infringement of the copyright of the drama producer or the image rights of the actor. Please enjoy by watching only.
You are not allowed to do anything that might interfere with the progress of shooting. We apologise, but please refrain from attempting to shake hands or make a sign.

About Shopping / Meals, Snacks and Cafes

We have a wide range of souvenirs, focusing on Kyoto’s specialties.
Please check the Shops page for details.
In addition to original products of TOEI Kyoto Studio Park, there are also period drama related products, such as Jitte (Japanese weapon used by police in the Edo period) and Koban (Japanese Edo period gold coin).
Please check the ” To Buy “ page for details.
We provide delivery service at each souvenir shop.
Yes. Feel free to bring your own food.
ou can eat your food indoors at the “Sumi Yagura” rest area or outdoors on the benches in the Plaza. However, there are days when these spaces cannot be used, so please inquire in advance if you plan to visit as a large group.
In addition, please follow general manners, such as avoiding disturbing other visitors when eating and drinking at these places and please do not leave any trash behind.
Beer is available at each store, and Sake and Chuhai (shochu highball) are available at some stores. You can also enjoy draft beer in a special Goyo lantern shaped mug.
We only accept reservations for large groups. Up to 550 seats can be prepared. We accept reservations by phone.
Contact us: TEL: 075-864-7716 (Sales Department of TOEI Kyoto Studio Park)
Other than the Studio Park speciality “Inrou Ice cream”, the “Mitohan Ramen” is also a very popular dish. Please check the page of Restaurants.
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