To See at
TOEI Studio Park

At TOEI Kyoto Studio Park,
let’s enjoy the art and history of movies, Japanese traditions and culture.

Samurai Sword Fighting Lesson

Outdoor Ninja Training Class

Ninja Show『SASUKE』

“Samurai Sword Fighting Show”

Watch samurai and ninjas!

When it comes to Studio Park, we are talking about historic dramas! Let's watch cool samurai and ninjas in the Ninja show, “Sasuke” and Samurai Sword Fighting Lesson!

“Guided Park Tour”

Visit our Studio Park and take a leisurely stroll through the park.

An actor will be your guide in the Studio Park! Or how about wandering around in a guided tour while having fun with street performances and re-enactments?

Guided Studio Park Tour with Our Actors

"Terakoya" - a Fun Place to Study

Oedo Main Street Performance Nankin Tamasudare

Japanese Movie Archives

The Travels of Mito Komon Hall

Hibari Misora Museum

“History Tour”

Look at the history of movies!

Here are also facilities, such as the Japanese Movie Archives and Hibari Misora Museum where you can watch and learn the history of Japanese movies!

“Super Hero Show”

Watch your Super Heroes!

Another attractive point of the Studio Park is that you can join shows of Kamen Rider and Super Sentai heroes!

Character Shop

TOEI Anime gallery

Super Sentai × Kamen Rider Kyoto Location Gallery

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