Every season, we hold various fun events, such as the “Sakura Festival”, where you can enjoy both the sakura blossoms and gourmet food. To name others, there is the “Hiehie Kingdom”, and the elegant parade, "Oiran Do-Chu" ,etc.

Two popular Superheroes are on their way!
  • Event schedule:(1) 11:30am
  • Required time: about 10 mins.
  • #Character #ZIO #KamenRider #HandshakeEvent #Event
Pose and smile in a commemorative photo of the Oiran Parade together with a beautiful lady!
  • Event schedule: (1)12:00am(2)1:45pm
  • Required time: about 15 mins.
  • #StreetPerformance #Actors #JapaneseTradition #TraditionalPerformance #PeriodDrama
“Butt Detective” large scale hands-on event will be extended due to its great popularity! We are also selling special goods only available at the event. A large-scale hands-on event of the very popular “Butt Detective”. We also sell special goods that are only available at the event!
  • 500 yen (For children 2 years old or above)
  • On Saturdays, Sundays and National holidays until March 8 (Sun). Every day between Dec 21 (Sat) and Jan 13 (Mon). Closed on Jan 18 and 19.
  • #ButtDetective #MysterySolvingEvent #Experience #Event #Goods #Sports #ShitsureiKokaseteItadakimasu
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