The Great Challenges of Shimajiro and the ninjas of Uzumasa

Become a ninja and go on an adventure with Shimajiro and his friends!

This is a hands-on event where you can wear ninja clothes and challenge various trials by following previously given instructions. Each experience zone is planned and developed by Kodomo challenge.
We have set four themes of challenges: intelligence, strength, communication, and courage, and we are developing them with the aim of fostering the feeling of “independence” from children. Enjoy moving your bodies in these challenges together with your family!

  • Event fees Children: 1600 yen
    Parents: 800 yen <16 years old and over>
  • From 8/6 (fri)
  • * Please be sure to bring a guardian.
    * A separate entrance fee is required. (3 years old and over)
  • #Shimajiro #ninja #childrenchallenge #communication
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