Ninja Climbing -SHINOBORI-

Let’s dominate the 7-meter high wall!
“Ninja Climbing -SHINOBORI-” is a brand new thrilling experience that opened on the 16th of March. It’ll have you climbing up a 7-meter tall wall and jumping off of it. Of course, you’ll be using a climbing harness, so that you can have a safe and authentic climbing experience. We recommend this to families, groups of students, and couples as well. Take the opportunity to hop on the climbing trend here!
  • Adults (Junior High School students and up ) 1000 yen
    Children (3 - Elementary School students) 800 yen
    School trip students 600 yen
  • *Children under 3 years old are not allowed to enter.
    *Preschoolers are required to enter with parent.
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To ensure personal safety and security, for those with any of the following conditions must not enter this attraction:
  • Children below 3 years old
  • Preschoolers without an accompanying guardian above 16 years of age
  • Wheelchair or crutch users
  • Individuals in poor physical condition
  • Individuals who have consumed alcohol
  • Pregnant individuals
  • Individuals who do not follow the instructions of the staffs
  • Individuals who are cosplaying or are in outfits from the costume rental shop (Except for the ninja costume rental)
​Users: Over 3 years of age, taller than 100 cm and weigh less than 100 kg (Preschoolers must have an accompanying guardian over 16 years of age)

※ Wearing the safety harness during this activity is compulsory
※ The safety harness has height and weight restrictions (Individuals must be over 100 cm in height, and below 100 kg in weight)
※ Due to the size of the safety harnesses, there are certain equipment available only to customers over 120 cm and below 100 kg.
※This attraction involves sporting elements. Clothes suitable for exercise such as pants and sneakers are recommended.
※ Minors will be required to present the signed written consent from their legal guardians.
Please download the consent form in advance, fill out the required items, and submit it to the “Ninja Climbing -SHINOBORI-” reception.

The 6 Activities That Await You

Climb the huge dragon-like tower made of 8 balls. Climb by grabbing on to the footholds on the sides of each ball.

When you’ve made it to the top you may announce your success by sounding the mounted gong. Depending on where you begin, There are 3 different courses and corresponding levels of difficulty depending on your starting point.

This mysterious tower is twisted four-dimensionally. A true ninja has to be able to climb up any surface. Let’s climb while choosing where we place our feet with the utmost caution!

Ring the bell when you’ve reached the top! If you can make it all the way up without holding on to anything, you can call yourself an advanced ninja!

Push the start button to begin the countdown. When you reach the top, press the goal button to stop the timer and find out how long you took.

If you’ve made it within 10 seconds, you’re an advanced ninja! Let’s keep practicing to shorten our times.

In this tower, two contestants face each other with a transparent wall between them. The game is to compete to see who can reach the top first.

A large taiko drum is mounted at the summit, and only the winner may sound it.

This tower is a true test of courage. Walk along the summit of towers lined up like trees in a grove and stand on the edge of the tallest tree. Each uncertain step is a thrilling experience of its own.

Finish off by leaping to the ground. Let’s try for a perfect landing!

Here’s the ultimate test of courage. Leap from the small foothold on a 7-meter ladder to sandbags hanging mid-air.

Cling on for 3 seconds to get an advanced ninja certification. (Participation to this activity is subject to a lucky draw, and the user restriction is different from the other activities.)
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