Amazing Maze

Go through the mysterious maze and experience lots of fun rooms!
Look for the different types of fun rooms, such as the “False-Illusion Room”, “Mirror Maze”, “Tilting Room” and many more. How many of them can you discover? Give it a go and have some fun!
  • Adults (Junior high school students and above) 500 yen
    Children (Age 3 to elementary school student) 400 yen
    School trip students 300 yen
  • ※Visitors under age 3 years old can not enter
    ※Preschoolers are required to enter accompanied by someone who is aged 16 or older.
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To ensure personal safety and security, for those with any of the following conditions must not enter this attraction:
  • Visitors in wheelchairs or with crutches.
  • Pregnant customers / Visitors under the influence of alcohol / Visitors in poor physical condition.
  • Visitors wearing rented costumes from the “Costume Rental Shop” or in cosplay (excluding Ninja costumes rented from the Ninja Costume Rental Shop)
  • Visitors under age 3.
  • Preschoolers without an accompanying person who is aged 16 or older.
  • Visitors who do not obey instructions given by a staff member.
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