Laser Mission “Escape the Castle”

Slip through all 8 of the laser traps to make it out safely!
Escape the haunted castle ruled by the infamous warlord Oda Nobunaga! The interior of the castle is filled with suspense, with athletic obstacle courses and slides, you’ll have a surprise waiting at each and every corner. The last trap that awaits you is the “laser room”. Dodge the strafing laser beams to make your way out!

The castle involves an athletic obstacle course, so we recommend outfits suitable for physical activities such as shorts and sneakers.

  • Adults (Junior high school students and above) 500 yen
    Children (Age 3 to elementary school student) 400 yen
    School trip students 300 yen
  • *Children under 3 years old are not allowed to enter.
    *Preschoolers are required to enter with parent.
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To ensure personal safety and security, for those with any of the following conditions must not enter this attraction:
  • Children below 3 years old
  • Preschoolers without an accompanying guardian above 16 years of age
  • Wheelchair or crutch users
  • Individuals in poor physical condition
  • Individuals who have consumed alcohol
  • Pregnant individuals
  • Individuals who do not follow the instructions of the staffs
  • Individuals who are cosplaying or are in outfits from the costume rental shop (Except for the ninja costume rental)
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