Digital Deep Sea Aquarium

Have a trip through the dramatic world of the deep sea and view the mysterious deep sea creatures.
The environment of the deep-sea are recreated through CG and real photographic images. The fulldome images shown in the dome theatre will make you feel as if you are exploring the actual deep sea! Sakana-kun introduces 18 mysterious deep-sea creatures, including the Japanese spider crab, Goblin shark, Dumbo octopus, etc. Enjoy the deep-sea drama that can be viewed only at our one and only Digital Deep Sea Aquarium.
  • Adults (Junior high school students and above) 500 yen
    Children (Age 3 to elementary school student) 400 yen
    School trip students 300 yen
  • *Open on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, Golden Week holiday period, summer and winter breaks.
  • Preschoolers are required to enter accompanied by someone who is aged 16 or older.
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To ensure personal safety and security, for those with any of the following conditions must not enter this attraction:
  • Visitors in wheelchairs without a personal attendant (If you have a person accompanying you, this person will require an admission fee)
  • Visitors under the influence of alcohol / Visitors in poor physical condition
  • Visitors wearing rented costumes from the “Costume Rental Shop” or in cosplay (excluding Ninja costumes rented from the Ninja Costume Rental Shop)
  • Preschoolers without an accompanying person who is aged 16 or older.*Please enter with your baby stroller as we cannot keep it aside for you.
  • Visitors who are hypersensitive to special effects such as strobe lights, etc.
  • Visitors with disorder or abnormality in the neck or spine.
  • Visitors with heart problems or with an illness / Visitors with high/low blood pressures.
  • Visitors with claustrophobia / Fear of the dark
  • Visitors who do not obey instructions given by a staff member.
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