Butt Detective Puff! Mystery Park

“Butt Detective” large scale hands-on event will be extended due to its great popularity! We are also selling special goods only available at the event. A large-scale hands-on event of the very popular “Butt Detective”. We also sell special goods that are only available at the event!
You’ll get to enjoy attractions such as ball pools, maze playgrounds, while solving a mystery case with the Butt Detective and Brown! You can participate in the investigations in many ways, ranging from visual attractions where you can appear in a video, to the stamp rally activity, in which you will need to make your way throughout the whole venue to complete your collection, etc.

On top of that, we are also selling special goods that you can get your hands on only at the event venue. Use your mind and body to the fullest extent and solve the investigation together with Pupu! This is an event for families.
  • 500 yen (For children 2 years old or above)
  • On Saturdays, Sundays and National holidays until August 22 (Sun). Everyday between Aug 1 (Sun) and Aug 16 (Mon).
  • * Complimentary entry for those below 2 years old.
    * Preschoolers must be accompanied by a guardian (above 16 years old)
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