Actors: Tsutomu Hirai

Actors: Tsutomu Hirai
Born in Kyoto, and has been an actor for 22 years. Major appearances are “Mito Komon”, “The Unfettered Shogun”. He has appeared in period and contemporary dramas. Currently, he mainly appears in videos talking with performers on set. His special skills are track and field, imitation, comedy and electric guitar.

How he became an actor: Childhood friend debuted in Tokyo at the age of 18 and it was a trigger that he also wanted to try.
Favorite movie, series: Silent films (Chaplin and others)
Favorite artist: Ryuji Harada
The most memorable scene or inside story: The memory of him getting hurt is still the strongest. In addition, the tension of having to complete a scene in a fire in one go fire left a deep impression.

At Toei Kyoto Studio Park, he is often in charge of events such as “Terakoya”, “Guided Park Tour – together with actors”, “Guidebook”.

“Guided Park Tour – together with actors”

Special version of “Guided Park Tour – together with actors” : 47 Ronin’s Yasubei Horibe.

“Nogaremono Orin”, “Woman of the Crime Lab”, “Kyoto Meikyo Annai”, “Kyoto Undercover Investigator”, “Mito Komon”, “The Unfettered Shogun”.

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“Keihan Train Okeihan”, “Acecook Ramen Shinmengumi” and others

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