Notice of Business hours

  • 2020.7.1

Business hours from the 1st of July -10:00-17:00.Thursday is a holiday, other than July 23rd.Business hours during August- 10:00-17:00.There are no holidays during this month.I apologize to customers for the…

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Legend of White Snake

  • 2020.2.22

Hello, there everyone. Today, we have the news about brand new seasonal events. Have you ever heard of Legend of White Snake? This is the original long color animation based…

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Ninja Experience

  • 2020.2.11

Become a ninja at Toei Kyoto Studio Park. Ninja’s are the world famous spies from the Edo period in Japan a few hundred years ago. Here at the studio park…

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  • 2020.2.7

Hello there everyone, Today we will write about one of the biggest events that the Toei Kyoto Studio Park has to offer. Same as last year, we will organize the…

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Setsubun Mamemaki

  • 2020.1.29

Between February 1 and 2, we have “Setsubun Mamemaki Bean Scattering with Masked Rider”. Setubun Mamemaki is one of the traditional events in Japan. On February 3, we scatter beans…

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Chonmage Style

  • 2020.1.8

Have you tried on Japanese traditional clothes before? Maybe you have. But have you tried on a traditional Japanese hair style? For a limited time, you can try on for…

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  • 2020.1.1

Happy New Year! May this New Year bring happiness and joy for you and your family. I would like to introduce a special seasonal event named Oiran’s Journey in the…

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Hero Is Always Hero

  • 2019.12.13

Hello. Today, let me introduce the special event on December 22. You can see “KamenRider” in the picture. “KamenRider” is a hero created by Ishinomori Shotaro. We have watched “KamenRider”…

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