Full Studio Park rental plan

  • 2021.6.14

Do you want to have fun outside without being worried, and at the same time make good memories with your friends? Good news for you!! At Toei Kyoto Studio Park,…

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Kamen Rider EXPO

  • 2021.5.20

A series of special events to commemorate the 50th anniversary from the birth of Kamen Rider! Many experience-based events filled with the charm of the Kamen Rider series. "Kamen Rider…

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Notice of temporary closure

  • 2021.4.26

Due to the spread of the new corona virus infection and the consequential issuance of the state of emergency, Toei Kyoto Studio Park will be temporarily closed from April 25th…

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  • 2021.3.4

Latest Robot Corporations x Traditional Industry Gather In Kyoto Studio Park! Please enjoy the crossover experiences of the Ninja's past and future!Welcome to the NINJA Fort 20xx... Feb 22nd is…

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