Ninja’s secret food stakeout! Hyorogan making experience -online event-

  • 2021.10.22

For ninjas, whose missions expected them to endure long periods of time, the portable food “Hyorogan” was more than a throwing shuriken star. Ninja could sustain a 7-day-long mission with just one Hyorogan bite. Based on the recipe from the work “Collection of old stories about Koshu style Ninjas” written in the latter half of the Edo period, the ninjas of the Studio Park will teach you how to make the secret Hyorogan online. This autumn, when ninjas become more popular, spend some time at home as if you were one of them!

What is Hyorogan?

Hyorogan is a portable preserved food that is said to have been eaten by ninjas from the Sengoku Period to the Edo Period in Japan. It was essential not only to fill the stomach, but also to better endure the harshness of their missions. It is said that during the Sengoku Period, not only ninjas would eat it, but also their warlords.

How to participate

1. Please purchase the “Hyorogan making kit” from the online shop of the Studio Park below.

2. Once ordered, we will deliver it to you.

3. Please enjoy the experience of making Hyorogan at home after watching the video of how to make it by a ninja in the Studio Park. You can watch the video at any time, so you can experience it at the most convenient time for you. (It is not a live stream)


Hyorogan: 1 set, 2,850 yen (tax included, shipping fees included)
A total of about 105g (enough to make about 10 caramel-sized Hyorogan.)

Kit contents

Various ingredients to make Hyorogan:
1 ordinary rice, 2 glutinous rice, 3 sugar, 4 lotus seeds, 5 cinnamon, 6 yams, 7 ginseng, 8 pearl barley

Please purchase or prepare the following items at home.

1. Mortar, or coffee grinder
The process will include grinding some ingredients. Simple mortars are also sold at 100-yen shops.

2. Pot and stove
The process will include boiling the ingredients.

3. Vinyl gloves
It’s okay if you don’t have them, but the process will include rolling up a Hyorogan when it is still hot.

“Hyorogan” making experience and photo contest… at the same time!

We will hold a ”Hyorogan” making experience photo contest at the same time of the Ninja’s secret food stakeout! Winners will receive a Studio Park entry ticket and some Studio Park original goods. Please be sure to post a fun photo of your experience.

●Holding period:
From September 28, 2021 to January 30, 2022

●Application method:
Follow the official Twitter and Instagram accounts of the Studio Park, and add the hashtag  “#Hyoroganexperience” to the photo of the “Hyorogan making experience” you are going to post.

Pair Studio Park entrance ticket + Studio Park original goods… 5 people

●Winning announcement:
・ After the application deadline, the winners will be decided after a strict examination.
・ We will contact the winners by direct message. After sending the direct message, please contact us within the reply deadline according to the contents described. If you do not contact us within the deadline, your right to win will be invalidated.
・ If you are not a follower, your right to win will be invalidated.
・ If the prize cannot be delivered due to improper input of the address entered at the time of winning, or due to inability to contact, the right to win will be invalidated.
・ The right to win is yours and cannot be transferred, redeemed or resold to a third party.
・ Prizes can only be shipped within Japan.

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