Toei Kyoto Studio Park appears on「LIVE JAPAN KANSAI」!!

  • 2019.7.25

「LIVE JAPAN」is a multilingual tourist site and one of the most used tourist sites in Japan. Toei Kyoto Studio Park is a major theme park that has gained strong support not only from the period drama fans throughout the country, but also from overseas samurai fans.

If you step in there, you will slip in the Edo period. You can meet samurais, geishas and ninjas etc. Many famous period dramas are filmed here.

Thus, it is one of the most popular tourist sites in Japan. In this service, it is very convenient because it is possible complete information from the map to the destinations to the traffic information in one service, as well as the information on tourist destination.

Longing Toei Kyoto Studio Park will be more familiar to you!

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