Wind Chime Highway

  • 2019.7.23

We will hold a new event “Wind Chime Highway”

August 3,4,10~15,17,18 10days

During this period the open set of Edo city which is familiar as an historical cinema and television production site will be colored with over 1000 colorful wind chimes.

A set of beautiful wind chimes stand in front of Nakamuraza Theater which reproduces theater in Edo period.

This fantastic view lit up is a must see!

Please enjoy with the fantastic scenery of Edo and cool the tone of the wind chimes that you at night.

Let’s decorate the town of Edo with original Ema.

During this period, an original Ema of the park will be distributed 100 pieces each day.

(Limited amount and first-come-first-basis)

Why don’t you write a wish on Ema and decorate the nostalgic Edo town?

Toei Kyoto Studio Park will be open from 9 to 21 o’clock during the extended business hours from August 10th to August 18th.

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