Samurai Course ~Sword Beginner’s Class~

Let’s learn the movements and ways of the samurai sword to become a samurai.
Our Studio Park actors will gently guide you through the samurai movements and poses. You will be shown how to wield, to swing, and to stand while holding it by using a bamboo Katana (Takemitsu) sword.

※ Time: Daily from 2:35pm
※ The event includes English explanations
※ The number of participants is limited
※ Admission starts from 2:35pm, 10 minutes before starting time
※ Only guests taller than 150cm can participate
※ We will cancel the event if the weather is rainy
  • Event schedule: Every day 2:35pm ※ Admission starts at 2:25pm, 10 minutes before starting time
  • Required time: about 15 mins.
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