Oedo Main Street Performance Nankin Tamasudare

Deeply connected with both historical dramas and long life wishes, this traditional art will make its appearance at New Year.
The Oedo street performance “Nankin Tamasudare” expresses the connection among people, represented by the screens made of bamboo sticks connected with knots, that can stretch straight forward as well as form many shapes, representing human lives mutability. This event is very auspicious regarding having a good and long life. Being regularly held in the Park, this show is very much appreciated, but the New Year Special Edition will bring you even more laughter and longevity!
  • Event schedule: Only from January 1st (Holiday), to January 5th (Sun.) 2020
    (1) 10:00am / (2) 12:30pm / (3) 2:30pm / (4) 4:15pm
  • Required time: about 15 mins.
  • #StreetPerformance #Actors #JapaneseTradition #TraditionalPerformance #PeriodDrama
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