About the discount implementation on the mutual ticket for same day entrances at Kyoto Aquarium and TOEI Kyoto Studio Park

  • 2019.4.26

TOEI Kyoto Studio Park and the Kyoto Aquarium jointly implemented a ticket discount. If you have a same-day entrance ticket to the Kyoto Aquarium, the regular prices will be discounted as follows.

Please take this opportunity to visit Kyoto Aquarium and TOEI Kyoto Studio Park.

【Target ticket type】
・Toei Kyoto Studio Park Same-day entrance tickets (Pass)
<Adults: 2,200yen / Middle school students: 1,300yen /
Children (from 3 years old to Elementary school students: 1,100yen>

・Kyoto Aquarium Same-day entrance tickets
<Adults:2,050yen /College – High school students: 1,550yen /
Middle school students – Primary school students: 1,000yen /
Infants (above 3 years old): 600yen>

【For customers visiting Kyoto Aquarium after visiting TOEI Kyoto Studio Park】

Just show your same-day entrance ticket for TOEI Kyoto Studio Park at the Kyoto Aquarium and you will have a discount on the admission fee.

<Discount details>
Adults:from 2,050yen→1,850yen
University students – High school students: from 1,550yen→1,400yen
Junior High school students – Primary school students: from 1,000yen→900yen
Infants (3 years or older): 600yen→540yen
<How to>
Just show your “same-day entrance TOEI Kyoto Studio Park Ticket”
at the Kyoto Aquarium.

【For customers visiting TOEI Kyoto Studio Park after visiting Kyoto Aquarium】

You will receive a discount on your TOEI Kyoto Studio Park admission fee if you’ll present your same-day entrance ticket for Kyoto Aquarium.

<Discount details>
Adults: from 2,200yen→2,000yen
Junior and Senior High school students: from 1,300yen→1,200yen
Children: 1,100yen→ 1,000yen (from 3 years of age to Primary school children)

<How to>
Just show your “same-day entrance Kyoto Aquarium Ticket”
at the TOEI Kyoto Studio Park.
※ Just with 1 “same-day entrance ticket” for Kyoto Aquarium you can obtain a discount at the Studio Park for a maximum of 5 people.

※ The validity period is within one month from the day you bought the tickets.
※ We can not offer the discount for dates outside the validity period, so please be careful.

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