Hero Is Always Hero

  • 2019.12.13

Hello. Today, let me introduce the special event on December 22. You can see “KamenRider” in the picture. “KamenRider” is a hero created by Ishinomori Shotaro. We have watched “KamenRider” on TV since 1971. Almost all little boys including me grew up with KamenRider. That’s why “KamenRider” is a hero for us. Today, “KemenRider Zero-One” (two figures standing at the center of the picture) is being broadcasted on the Sunday Morning.

On December 22, the special event will take place at Nakamuraza Theater. Those who acting in “KamenRider” are to have a talk show at Nakamuraza Theater. The talk show will start at 17:00. You need a ticket to join. The price of ticket is 3,700 yen for adults, 2,300 yen for students, 2,100 for children between 3 and elementary school student respectively. If you are interested in, you can buy ticket through “Lawson Ticket” from December 15.

Here is another announcement. You can enjoy photos of special movies shot in Kyoto Toei Studio Park at 3F of Padios. This picture is about the movie shot in Toei Kyoto Studio. Is it interesting “KamenRider” appears in the old town? I visited photos exhibition, and I was so impressed because it reminds me of my childhood. “If I have not watched any TV programs?” Don’t worry. You can enjoy if you are unfamiliar with “KamenRider” 

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