Information about Kyoto (Saga-Arashiyama area) Emergency Shelters

  • 2019.11.7
Source:Kyoto City
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Especially during peak seasons, with the increasing amount of tourists that come to visit the city of Kyoto and its main attractions, more and more important is becoming the security for all our visitors and the city guests in general, as well of course for the local population.

Many safe areas and shelters are distributed all around the city, and today’s blog is dedicated to those set in the Saga-Arashiyama area (where the number of tourists can reach up to 26,000 units, and where the Toei Kyoto Studio Park is nearby).

STEP 1: In any case of Emergency, during your visit, there will be an announcement through speakers or directly to your phone through a special emergency information message from the authorities concerning the nature of the emergency.

STEP 2: After the announce is finished there will be information distributed through flyers (at the monument you are visiting) or through signs set and prepared in safe open areas about the procedure of gathering. It will be necessary for all the visitors and locals to move to the nearest safe open spots or shelters, remaining calm and respecting the community manners, to ensure a smooth procedure for everybody.

STEP 3: At both the shelters and open areas City of Kyoto will issue detailed information about the emergency and instructions on how to handle it. It will be everybody’s responsibility to follow the rules with the maximum cooperativity to ensure security.

STEP 4: Depending on the gravity of the situation, prime necessity goods will be distributed, such as food, water and blankets, and rules about how to share structures such as toilets or laundries will be explained.

STEP 5: Once the Emergency situation ends or recovers, the visitors and locals will be able to go back to their domiciles or hotels.

Here is a list of the major Open Safe Areas in the Saga-Arashiyama area:

eiryo-ji Temple – Tenryu-ji Temple – Nisonin / Joujyaku Kouji Temple – Chibureden Building – In front of Torokko Saga Station – Arashiyama Park Nakanoshima Area – Restaurant Arashiyama Parking Area

・Uzumasa Elementary School (Shelter)

・Uzumasa Elementary School (Shelter)

・Special nursing home for the elderly, Amur Uzumasa – 特別養護老人ホーム アムールうずまさ (Medical Shelter)

For any further information, please do not hesitate to check the following

Source: Kyoto City Official Website (京都市情報館)

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