Samurai Course – Sword for Beginners

  • 2019.7.5

Regardless where we come from, we have all been fascinated by the sword swinging samurai heroes fighting for their honor. Here in Toei Kyoto Studio Park, part of that tradition is still kept alive and you can experience it as well!

The Samurai Course – Sword for Beginners is called that way, as visitors have the opportunity to learn the basics of handling a katana. It was interesting to learn that the swords guests practice with are authentic movie props, used in real combat scenes by the actors.

Have you seen a Chanbara scene in a samurai movie? With the patient teaching style of our masters, you would be able to master a few simple skills needed for a samurai fight.

The masters are seasoned actors, trained in action scenes and sword fights. They study the art of the samurai to perfection, which you will notice in the serious expression and steady walk. Even when you meet them around the park, they never break character! When guests start laughing at their own mistakes, the masters might even tell them not to smile, as it is not suitable for a samurai to show emotions.

The most difficult part seems to be sliding the sword back into the scabbard, and especially without looking at it. Some people manage from their first try and others can’t do it even after several tries. Are you up for the challenge? Show us your samurai moves!

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