Toei Kyoto Studio Park Admission (tax included)

Weekdays, Sundays and holidays Adults Junior High/
High School Students
Ages 3 - Elementary School Students
Individuals 2,200 JPY 1,300 JPY 1,100 JPY
Groups of 25 or more 1,980 JPY 1,170 JPY 990 JPY
People with disabilities 1,100 JPY 650 JPY 550 JPY
School groups (may tour as a group) 1,040 JPY 880 JPY

Information on The Good-Value Attraction Pass for the 8 attractions.

  • The Good-Value Attraction Pass will be available only from July 21 (Sat.) to September 2 (Sun.).
  • Tickets are available for purchase until 15:00 during the period / Only valid on the day of purchase
  • Unlimited entry to 8 attractions!
    Ninja Training Dojo SWORD N' GO / Laser Mission "Escape the Castle" / 3D Maze The Ninja Fort / Ninja Mystery House / Amazing Maze / Haunted House / Trick Art Museum / Digital Deep Sea Aquarium

[Admission ticket with The Good-Value Attraction Pass (tax included)]

  • Adult (age 18 or over):4,200 yen
  • Student (age 12 or over):3,300 yen
  • Child(age 3 or over):2,700 yen

[Good-Value Attraction Pass (tax included)]

Customers with an admission ticket, please purchase tickets after entering the Studio Park.

*Ticket sale location
Tickets are sold in the Attraction Area on the 2nd floor of Padios.

  • Adult・Student(age 12 or over):2,100 yen
  • Child(age 3 or over):1,700 yen

  • *There may be certain restrictions. Please check first before purchasing tickets.
  • *Admission is not permitted for children under 3 years old.
    Ninja Training Dojo SWORD N' GO / Laser Mission "Escape the Castle" / 3D Maze The Ninja Fort / Ninja Mystery House / Amazing Maze / Haunted House
  • *There is no age limit.
    Trick Art Museum / Digital Deep Sea Aquarium
  • *Facilities not accessible with the Free Pass
    ・Cannot be used at "Butt Detective" (400 yen over 2 years of age)
    ・Cannot be used at "Kamen Rider Playland" (30 min 400 yen for 2 to 10 year olds, 300 yen for accompanying persons)
  • *Children under preschool should be accompanied by a guardian aged over 16.
  • *Tickets cannot be refunded after purchase.

Attraction Coupon (tax included) *Attraction Coupons will not be sold from July 21, 2018 to September 2, 2018.

This good value book of Attraction Coupons provides 4 tickets.
With each ticket, one can try an attraction for \400 (regular fee is \500).

  • Adults (over 12 years old [junior high school student age]) >>> Regular 2,000 yen → \1,600
  • Children (over 3 years old) >>> Regular 1,600 yen → \1,200

*One ticket per attraction.

[Covered Attractions]

Ninja Training Dojo SWORD N' GO/Laser Mission "Escape the Castle"/3D Maze The Ninja Fort/Ninja Mystery House/Amazing Maze/Haunted House/Trick Art Museum/Digital Deep Sea Aquarium

*Regular fee for one attraction:
Adults (over 12 years old [junior high school student age]): \500
Children (over 3 years old): \400

  • ※Attractions might be closed on some days without notice due to mechanical maintenance or on over-crowded days.
  • ※Sales of Attraction Coupons might be suspended without notice at the park's discretion.
  • ※Attraction Coupon is not valid at the attractions not mentioned above.
  • ※Attraction Coupons are sold at the locations below.
    Coupon Sales Outlet:

    Attraction Area/Information/The Travels of Mito Komon Hall/Hero Land/Studio Market

  • ※Each attraction has safety restrictions in order to ensure your safety. Read the instruction first, then, purchase the coupons.

Park schedule and hours for 2018:

・March-July,September (Mon.-Fri.)
・October-November (Mon.-Sun.)
・August (Mon.-Sun.)
・August 4th,5th,11th~16th,18th,19th
・December-February(Sat. Sun. & Holidays.)

※Entrance closes 60 minutes prior to closing of park.
※The park will be closed for maintenance from January 21th, 2019 to January 25th, 2019.

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