The Clash of Ninjas! The Ninja Show, SASUKE

A battle between the two most famous ninjas, "Sarutobi Sasuke" and "Hattori Hanzo". A spectacular action show recreating the world of ninja battles with the combination of 3D projection mapping and ninja action.

Jidaigeki, Behind-The-Scenes

Take a look from the director's perspective as you learn some of the tricks of the Jidaigeki filmmaking trade.

Samurai Sword Fighting Lesson

This is your chance to see samurai sword fighting up-close. Volunteers will be chosen from the audience to learn a few moves from our actors.

Terakoya -Edo Period Classroom Re-Enactment

Learn about Jidaigeki filmmaking and a bit of Japanese history in an Edo period classroom environment.

Guided Park Tour

One of our Toei actors will take you around the open set.

Street Performance Re-Enactment

One of our actors will play the role of a street vendor or street performer from the Edo period.

Out-door Ninja Training Class(Event held on Sat. and Sun. until July 9th.)

A fun class to learn secret Ninja tricks from a Ninja teacher.

Super Hero Show(Event held on Sat. and Sun. until May 28th.)

This is an exciting, masked-hero show that is great for families.

Popular Animation Characters' Spring Party(Event held on Sat. and Sun. except June 4th and June 18th)

Fun dance show by popular characters and meet & greet event.

Super Heroes Meet & Greet Event(Event held on Sat. and Sun. from June 3rd to July 9th.)

Super Heroes Meet & Greet Event.

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