Water Labyrinth(July 15 to September 3)

Pillars of water splash down on you from a height of 10 meters. Try and dodge the water columns and have fun!
The bubble pool, a new feature for this year, is another must-try. Don't forget to wear your swimwear!!

※The attraction might be closed due to bad weather conditions.
※Weekdays closed at 5:00 p.m.
※Sat., Sun., nat'l holidays and August closed at 6:00 p.m.

Additional charge

"GINTAMA" Live-Action Movie & Anime Movie Come Together Until September 3

A real set of the live-action movie, "GINTAMA," is now on display in Toei Kyoto Studio Park.
Take photos with newly-produced life-size panels of the main characters from the "GINTAMA" anime movie.
Food and items related to "GINTAMA" are also available. You can even dress in the costumes of "GINTAMA" characters and enjoy a photo session!

Iga-ryu Shuriken throwing high-score contest

Try hitting a target using the same shurikens that were used by real ninjas.
Aim for the highest total score by throwing 5 times.
People with high scores will have a certificate and wonderful prize sent to them from Iga, the home of ninjas.
Participation fee: \500
Age of participants: Over 13 years of age

Additional charge

Laser Mission "Escape the Castle"

This exciting attraction challenges players to attempt to escape from traps set by Nobunaga Oda, the super powerful samurai lord from the 16th century.
The castle interior features a log bridge, a slider, and a mysterious room created by projection mapping along with many more thrilling and exciting tricks.
The final and most exciting mission is to slip through the laser trap beams running all across the room!
Challengers who successfully get out of the castle receive a "Ninja Score" gauging the level of their Ninja skills.

Additional charge

3D Maze The Ninja Fort

3D Maze The Ninja Fort is an amazing indoor labyrinth consisting of three floors, surrounded by 10-meter high walls and with an area made of 240 sections. Try to get three stamps on the course while passing some secret passages and other traps in the mysterious labyrinth.

Additional charge

Haunted House

Prepare to be petrified at the sight of zombies and blood as you move through this spooky abode.

Additional charge

Ninja Mystery House

Learn about some of the inner workings of this mysterious building, then, it is up to you to escape. Secret passages, revolving doors and other traps await you as you make your way through the ninja's labyrinth.

Additional charge

Hero Land; Where Kamen Rider and Super Sentai can be seen!!

A facility of heroes that target people of all generations. The two great heroes of TOEI, Kamen Rider and Super Sentai of each generation are on display. Look through the rich information materials to experience the grand history of super heroes with digital technology.

Kids Land(Open on Sat., Sun., nat’l holidays; Open everyday from July 22 to August 31.)

A facility where small children can acquire various skills such as exercise abilities as well as cooperativeness as they play.
Forget about the time and have fun with the playground equipments such as the Air Slider, Jumbo Ball Pool, and Air Track!

Additional charge

Digital Deep Sea Aquarium(Open on Sat., Sun., nat’l holidays; Open everyday from July 22 to August 31.)

The mystifying world of the deep seas is recreated with the latest digital technology in the "Digital Deep Sea Aquarium", and the stories of 18 mysterious deep-sea creatures can be viewed up close in the dome theater.

Additional charge

3D Theater ( 360°)

360°of action and adventure for the entire family to enjoy.

Additional charge

Costume Rental Shop

With the help of our professional make-up artists, hair stylists and costume designers, transform into a character, then, take an hour-long stroll around Toei Kyoto Studio Park in full costume!

Additional charge

Costume Photo Shop

Choose a background and dress up as a Meiji Period school girl, a feudal lord, a ninja or one of 30 different costumes.

Additional charge

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