Ninja Plan

Can you complete the mission!?

Ninjas are very popular all over the world for their mysterious image. The “Ninja Plan” that enables you to enjoy spending all-day as a “Ninja”, which has fascinated many foreign tourists and has become one of the contents that represent Japan nowadays, will be released in TOEI Kyoto Studio Park.

In the “Ninja Plan”, you can get dressed in Ninja costumes and feel like you’re a real Ninja in the scenery of the Edo period, in which Ninjas are said to have existed. Surely the pictures you will take in Edo town, which is used to film the actual samurai movies, will be very unique, as they cannot be taken anywhere else.

A mission that allows you to obtain the “Password”, one of symbols of the Ninja. Can you successfully find your fellows in the Studio Park by utilizing the “Password”?
  • Event schedule: To 2020/03/01 (Sun)
    The tickets for the Ninja Plan will no longer be sold after 15:00
  • Ticket contents:
    Ninja Plan(Studio Park entrance fee + Ninja rental costume fee + Paper scroll fee)
    Adults (Junior high school students and above) : 3,000 JPY
    Junior High and High School students: 2,200 JPY
    Children (above 3 years) 2,000 JPY
  • ※Participation might be not possible in case where the number of people exceeds the maximum capacity.
    ※Participation is limited to guests taller than 90cm.
    ※Please acknowledge that once the ticket is purchased, no schedule changes and no refund will be possible.
    ※Valid until March 1st 2020.
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Ninja Costume Rental

Participants of this tour will dress up in Ninja costumes to better look and feel like one of them! Please return your costume after the tour.

Ninja Scroll, a Mission with a Password.

After you change into the ninja costume, you will be given a scroll that contains a guide map. Complete the mission listed on the scroll to get a present!!

Ninja Photo Shoot

Dress in black, blend in with the scenery of the Edo period, and take photos as if you were a real Ninja!
Hashtag, #toeikyotostudiopark to share your favorite photos on your SNS!

Wishing the best of luck to all of you!

Please also share your becoming a Ninja on any SNS with the hashtag #toeikyotostudiopark

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