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Resonating applause, the clack of geta sandals.
Swinging paper lanterns,
the silhouette of yukata robes.
In the historic setting of the Toei Kyoto Studio Park a dreamy feast is woven,
the summer of Japan, nearly forgotten,
is rediscovered here... — its name,

As you step inside, you are already
in the streets of Edo-era Kyoto.
There, in a scenery that feels as if you've rolled back centuries,
Savoring delicious sake from Kyoto and dishes from renowned restaurants,
indulge in traditional Japanese performing arts
to your heart's content.
It's a sophisticated night festival for adult.

The streets are illuminated at night
by the glow of lanterns,
casting an elegant ambiance.
From the eaves of the stalls, the tempting
scent of delicious food begins to waft,
accompanied by the distant beat of festival drums, enticing
both body and soul to dance.

Peeking into the highly-discussed haunted house,
beyond the cries of men and women, m
ysterious shadows sway suspiciously...
Amidst the excitement of the festival,
a chilling fidget coolness permeates the air,
suggesting that tonight's banquet
is not going to end easily.

gains even more charm.
People in various corners of the venue,
with Japanese sake in hand,
discuss the next plans
for the village's development.
Perhaps, within these new encounters, the future shape of the village might be forged.

Now, after changing into your favorite Yukata,
why not take a journey beyond time
to the Edo-era Kyoto?

Event Ticket

This ticket includes a special sake tasting cup,
allowing you to freely compare
different types of Japanese sake.
* Beer, soft drinks, etc., are available for an
additional charge.
[Food and Beverage Service]
Please purchase exclusive vouchers called
"Uzumasa Koban" for food and drinks within the venue.
  • * The required number of "Uzumasa Koban"
    varies depending on the menu.
"Uzumasa Koban" will be sold at the venue
for 3,000 yen (one set consists of five Koban ,
each equivalent to 600 yen).
  • *Unused "Uzumasa Koban" will be refunded
    on the day of the event.
The special sake tasting cup, allowing you
to freely compare different types of Japanese sake,
is available for purchase on the day
with 5 "Uzumasa Koban" (equivalent to 3,000 yen).
  • *Japanese sake is only available for this special cup ;
    you cannot purchase a single cup of
    Japanese sake with the "Uzumasa Koban."
  • *Other drinks such as beer and soft drinks are available
    for an additional charge, separate from the sake.
[Inquiries regarding tickets]
Toei Kyoto Studio Park0570-064349
[Adults Only]
* Due to the nature of the event, admission will not be granted to
those under 20 years of age including infants.
* The event will be held as scheduled in rain, but in the event of
an official warning issued by Kyoto City on the day of the event,
it may be canceled.
* On the day of the event, there is scheduled coverage and
media photography by the organizers and the press.
At that time, there is a possibility that customers may appear
in photos, videos, etc. Please be informed in advance.
◎ Do not drink and drive. Alcoholic beverages are
best enjoyed in moderation.
Here is the information on
convenient hotel package plans.

* For inquiries regarding these accommodation plans, please
contact each accommodation provider directly.


Toei Kyoto Studio Park
10 Uzumasa Higashi Hachioka-cho,
Ukyo-ku, Kyoto 616-8586
(Guidance on hours, prices, etc.)
  • JR Hanazono Station : 13 min. on foot, 5 min. by taxi
  • Randen Uzumasa-Koryuji Station : 5 min. on foot
  • Subway Uzumasa-Tenjingawa Station : 12 min. on foot, 5 min. by taxi
  • City BusRoute 75 Uzumasa-Eigamura-michi : 5 min. on foot
    Route 11 Uzumasa-Koryuji-mae : 5 min. on foot
  • Kyoto BusRoutes 72, 73, 75, 76, 83, 85 Uzumasa-Koryuji-mae :
    5 min. on foot

    Routes 62, 63, 65, 66 Uzumasa-Eigamura-mae :
    Short walk
  • * Access is not available from the 'Studio Entrance' located on the
    JR Uzumasa Station side.


These are the official organizers of
Uzumasa Edo Sakaba.