Heisei “Kamen Rider” World

A hands-on exhibition where you can look back at the world of 20 productions of the Heisei Kamen Rider. Also, watch the power-filled action show!
We display precious items, such as the successive generations of Riders and the actual motorcycle used for shooting. There is also the “Rider Racing” game for young children to participate. In addition, come and see the public performance, “Kamen Rider Zi-O Premium Stage”, held mainly on weekends and holidays until 2019.5.26. It is a special show, where even the adults will find themselves glued to their seats and be taken away by a series of action scenes with ZIO, GEIZ and WOZ. Of course, there are also Rider goods available for purchase. From KUUGA to ZIO, the full force of Heisei Riders will come together, so not only kids, but parents can enjoy the show too.
  • 2019/3/16~2019/6/30
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